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Congrats to Packt Publishing! 1000 Titles and Counting!

September 27, 2012

Hey everyone,

Just got an email from Packt Publishing with the exciting news that they’ve published their 1000th title! Pretty impressive no?

Any ways, to celebrate:


Dear Customer,

Packt Publishing has come a long way since it published its first book in 2004, and is now one of the leading technical publishers, renowned among developers for its focused and practical books on a wide range of tools and technologies.

Packt has just published its 1000th book. You are invited to join us in celebrating this milestone with a gift. Access our library, PacktLib, for free for a week, and choose any of our eBooks to download and keep.

To make use of this offer, you simply need to go to and log into your account, or register for an account, between the 28th and 30th September.

At Packt, we really appreciate your support in helping us get this far, and hope that you will continue to enjoy our range of books.

Kind regards,

Packt Publishing


So yes – check out the resources they have and go get your free e-book! I’m definitely going to redeem mine =)

And PS, for those who don’t know, I happened to publish my book with Packt so if you’re interested feel free to download my e-book at Android Database Programming.

Happy coding as usual!

– jwei

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